Photographs by Robert Fass
This photo essay, which was created between 1997 and 2005, examines long-married couples in America. At the time I met with them, the participants had all been legally married for a minimum of 40 years... some more than 70.

I travelled from my home in New York as far as Maine and Hawaii to meet and photograph couples for this study.  The project combines formal and environmental portraits with the subjects' own words in an attempt to capture the intimate dynamic of couples who choose to make a lifelong commitment to their marriage—and examines, through their eyes, the changing institution of marriage in America.

I invite you to come in and visit with some of the couples from around the country who've been generous enough to participate.  You can read further about how the project began, where it's going, and how you can help support it.

Comments, questions and suggestions regarding this work are extremely welcome.


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