Arlington, VA

Dang Boi & Ly Vi, Arlington, VA - married 1952

Born in the Quangdong province of China, Boi's parents moved to Saigon when he was very young.  In contrast to the arranged marriage of fellow Vietnamese immigrants Hat and Chia (see separate page), Boi & Vi met and fell in love when Vi - whose parents had both passed away - walked into Boi's photograph studio to have her portrait taken.

During the Vietnam war, their sons were made to join the military service, and Boi & Vi were unable to support themselves under the Communist regime.  Their property was taken over and they feared imprisonment.  Their eldest son escaped with the boat people and came to the United States, where he sponsored the family to follow in 1985.  Boi and Vi have six children.

Boi has physically slowed since having a stroke, but his mind is active; he speaks well and Vi cares for him with great tenderness.