From the Portland Phoenix, June 14-20, 2002:

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by Josh Rogers

Maurice and Cecile, Fairfax, VA: 62 years.  Bernie and Honey, the Bronx: 46 years.  Bui Quong Hat and Do T Chia from Arlington, VA: 62 years.  Roger and Althea, Auburn, ME: 70 years.  A lot of people can barely stay in a committed relationship for more than a few weeks.  The thought of marriage is often a dim, far-away possibility.  And for those couples out there that do eventually decide to tie the knot (gulp!), only 57 percent will make it past the 15-year marker together, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

After doing a portrait session with his parents (married 47 years) in 1997, photographer Robert Fass became interested in couples who seemed to have beaten the odds and made it past the 40-year mark together.  The fruit of his labor is "As Long as We Both Shall Live: Long-Married Couples in America," a combination of photos and text culled from interviews he's conducted over the past few years.

Celebrate the institution of marriage or just scare yourself silly at the Creative Photographic Art Center in the Bates Mill Complex, Canal Street in Lewiston.  You just might learn something from these old-timer's words, too.

Opening reception is June 15 from 5 to 7 p.m. Call (207) 782-1369 or check "Listings" for regular opening hours.

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