Long Married Couples

Like what you see on this month's Love Life page? There's certainly more where that came from on photojournalist Robert Fass' website, where you can order the beautiful exhibition catalog, full of all the couples' portraits and their interviews.

Take my word for it that it's totally worth the $20. I sat down with Robert and was truly inspired by the stories he shared with me about the people he encountered and the lives he learned about during this project. There's George and Peggy, who stayed together even after George came out of the closet because they truly felt like life partners. There's Duane and Nancy, who came to run the most successful candle business in the world, and through a series of life challenges, including Duane's depression and Nancy's subsequent shift towards more professional responsibility, were able to discover a deeper level of understanding and meaning in their marriage. There's so many more.

Posted by Lindsey Palmer on September 20, 2006 at 09:25 AM

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